Peachtree House is my home

I didn’t name my home Peachtree House to create a brand, we started calling it this when we first moved in 18 years ago. My children have grown up here. My youngest daughter celebrated her first birthday a week after moving in and now she’ll be entering college this summer. Hugh and I have repaired plaster, refinished floors, laid brick paths, planted dozens of trees and a sea of ferns, roses, and shrubbery. We share our home with others because we love the house and love hospitality.

I have loved each of our brides and their grooms, and their families. It has been our honor and great joy to get to know each of them and host the first day of their marriage. Each couple has been very special to me, and I have seen each wedding day filled with happy blessings at Peachtree House for the family and friends gathered.

Over the years, I have met some of the most admirable men and women in the wedding industry. We have worked with talented planners, professional DJs, floral designers that create gorgeous arrangements and deliver with kindness and respect, photographers who sincerely care for their clients and love capturing images of Peachtree House as a backdrop.

These are my favorite people to work with and I am thankful for their kindness and, most importantly, how they have honored Peachtree House as my home and respected it’s architectural value.

Not only do I love working with Lora Ritzie Wardman, I have loved becoming her friend. Lora amazes me at her stamina. I really don’t think she sleeps at night; she works. I also love her ability to create a fabulous design from a moderate budget, and I will never forget the wedding with 120 pumpkins painted gold and silver and carved for table numbers! She is the only person I know that can make succulents look good.

Terry Smedley’s creations from Two Sweets Bake Shop are absolutely magical. It has been a sincere pleasure working with her, and her friendship is indeed, sweet! The only thing that outdoes her gorgeous display of desserts, is the taste of these incredible sweets. Watch closely as Terry’s business plans unfold. She is talent personified.

Molly and Barbie at Velvet & Twine are truly remarkable at creating floral design. Never predictable, this group of artists always show up to impress. And, their kindness and sweet demeanor make them a stellar choice for design. 

About 25 years ago, I hired Mark’s new catering company, Arthur’s, when I was the new marketing coordinator for the Florida Symphony Orchestra. This company has grown into Orlando’s finest catering company. A catering company cannot survive for this long by accident. With an endless supply of energy, the staff at Arthur’s is creative, professional, and oh so respectful of my historic home. 

I am always relieved when Get Lit Productions arrives at PH to install lighting for a wedding. I have restored historic houses for 30 years, and electrical (and plumbing) issues can produce the most frightening and expensive damage than any other issue. Byron has a true understanding of lighting design and great respect for providing safe, reliable installation. 

Orlando is blessed to have Orlando Wedding and Party Rental installed as an anchor for the special events industry. The Upper West Side would even covet the service provided by Darren and his staff. This company is always reliable and their staff is always pleasant. I’ve planned many events in my career and I know the best way to see the character of a company is to watch them handle a mistake. OWPR rarely makes mistakes, but when they did, they managed it quickly with professionalism, but most importantly with kindness. I never undervalue kindness. I also know that Darren and his wife spend time and energy mentoring to their staff, so in addition to running their own company, they are building future leaders for our city. Also, they own the most gorgeous sail cloth tent in Orlando.

One of the first friends I made in the wedding industry was Sharon at A Chair Affair. She and owner Anne, are so stylish and beautiful, you can’t help but want to hire them. I am so impressed with Anne’s ability to expand her company, offering unique product and exceptional customer service. 

Yellow Dog Eats! Yes, I love when Yellow Dog Eats caters at PH. They are so easy to work with. It’s unusual for a restaurant to do a good job catering. It may be food service, but catering is just too different than the restaurant business. Chefs like their own kitchen. Caterers can work anywhere. The staff at YDE is pleasant, efficient and always bring extra food to feed the PH staff.

I sincerely thank you. I appreciate each of you and your staff.

 My ferns and caladiums this past summer before the delivery van

My ferns and caladiums this past summer before the delivery van

I will continue to expand my own company under the brand name of Peachtree House as an honor to the time and expense that Hugh and I have devoted to our beloved home. I look forward to creating beautiful graphic design, luxe monogramming, and lovely textiles for my clients’ homes. My home will always be available to our preferred photographers for engagement sessions or family photography. We’re also looking toward to our next venture in historic restoration, hopefully, in historic Savannah.

Warm regards, AD

Posted on January 10, 2017 .