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virtual deco

Changing the decoration of our house can become a real headache.

Choosing the colors of the walls, the materials for the floors, the designs of doors and windows, the furniture or the decorative accessories of the whole house is an arduous task that can take a long time, especially if we want every detail to be perfect.

Because, although these changes provide us with comfort, freshness and versatility, before making each decision we must assess all the available alternatives, with their pros and cons.

The best way to make your home fit your style is to see all the options with your own eyes and compare to see which one you like best.

Until now, this was practically impossible and could take a long time, and even a high investment of money.

Today, however, it is possible thanks to virtual decoration (or deco), a new technology that allows us to digitally change the decoration of our home without moving from the sofa and using different programs or App such as room simulators.

These tools, increasingly present in industrial design, architecture or interior design, answer very specific questions, such as whether a sofa model fits well in size in our dining room, whether a color will bring more or less light to the space or if the distribution that we have chosen for the kitchen will be functional and will allow us to optimize the space.

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In this article, we will tell you all the advantages of virtual deco.

What is virtual deco? 

Virtual deco is a technique used in interior design that, using the photography of space as a basis, makes a digital recreation of how it could be renovated or decorated.

Thanks to virtual deco, owners or future buyers can discover all the possibilities of a flat or a house, including which furniture will best suit the space or try different shades for the walls.

In the case of the real estate of Sky Marketing, the virtual deco allows potential buyers to discover the before and after of the apartment for which they are interested and thus decide, with certainty, if the property they want to buy meets their needs.

Uses of virtual deco 

The virtual deco has many uses and different people can benefit from it. We highlight two groups:

  • Professionals in the sector (real estate, developers or construction companies). The virtualization of spaces allows a future buyer to imagine living in the property they are looking at.
  • Individuals. For private individuals, the virtual deco is used to study or be inspired about what decoration goes best with their home, what furniture they should buy or what reform they should carry out.

Advantages of virtual decoration 

Virtual decoration opens a large number of doors in the real estate sector and is very useful for owners when buying, renting or selling a house. According to some studies, with virtual reality techniques the interest in a property can increase up to 30%, and the chances of renting or selling a house are 10% higher.

On the other hand, thanks to virtual deco, interior design projects meet customer expectations 100%.

Among its advantages, we highlight:

  • The process is quick and easy.
  • They save time and money.
  • The projects are totally personalized.
  • It is possible to see different distribution options and choose the one that we like the most.
  • You can make as many changes and modifications as you want.
  • They avoid space and size problems when choosing furniture.
  • They optimize the possibilities of each room.
  • We can see how the interior or exterior space of a house will be decorated from different angles or points of view.

The step-by-step process: tips to inspire you 

In virtual deco projects, the first step, and also the most important, is to obtain images of the house in its current situation. These photographs will serve as a basis for work.

It is not necessary to take professional photos: you can take them yourself with your mobile phone, but it is important that the space appears as aseptic as possible.

Although you can take photos of each of the rooms, the idea is to choose the spaces that may require more time to decorate, such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. If you only want to reform one of them (for example, the kitchen or a terrace) you should stick to that area of ​​the house.

Once you have the photographs, you should contact a professional or a company specialized in virtual decoration. With them you will discuss your preferences and your needs. Of course, you should leave them free. At the end of the day, with their training and experience in decoration and interior design, they will know how to make the most of each space and how to apply the different virtual reality techniques so that the home meets your expectations.

Normally, the company will send you a sketch for your approval or for you to make the necessary modifications.

Once you have your virtual deco project, you can put your house up for sale, or take the following steps to start the reform.

If you want, you can also use some digital tools to get into virtual deco. In this way, you will become familiar with this technology, you will carry out tests and you will be able to have things clearer before commissioning your decoration and interior design project.

Some simulators and applications that can serve as inspiration are:

  • Comex Online Virtual Decorator. This tool allows you to experiment with colors and choose different combinations for walls, furniture, floors, etc.
  • (virtual decorator destiny). One of the simplest and most complete virtual decorators, ideal for you to choose which bedroom clothes and which home fabrics suit you. You can select colors, shapes or patterns for pillow and sofa covers, curtains, sheets, quilts, etc.
  • This simple tool allows you to create your own decoration project for free. It is perfect to get an idea of ​​the proportions of the furniture and recommended if you want to change the furniture in your house.
  • Ikea virtual decorator. One of the most known and used simulators. Within its platform, you will find different planners depending on the room in the house you want to decorate (kitchen, office, dressing room, dining room, bedrooms, etc.).
  • Titan Decora. Titan Decora is a home color simulator. The main advantage of this application is that you can use your own photographs to see exactly how the colors that you like the most will look, both inside and outside your house. Its palette of tones is one of the widest of this type of virtual deco simulators.

At DEPLACE, as experts in the real estate sector, we are aware of the importance of virtual reality, augmented reality or interactive software in our sector.

We know that with this affordable, fast and simple technology we offer our clients a much more personalized treatment so that they can see the house of their dreams completely renovated or decorated. The objective? That they appreciate their full potential and make the purchase of their investment safe.

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