The 16 best apps for day-to-day life in your home


Currently, we have online tools to optimize all kinds of professional and personal activities: from agendas to organize our tasks or our time, to Apps that help us know what we invest each euro in to control our expenses.

Of course, at this point, it is almost “a must” to have a personal (and virtual) assistant at home, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. These devices are comprehensive and have a wide compatibility with elements and technologies, which guarantees the greatest control in the home.

However, this is not the only technology that can be very useful at home. From Sky Marketing we have selected other Apps for the home that you can take advantage of a lot.

The best Apps to control every corner of your house

Ever since Eugene Polley invented the remote control for television in 1955, humans have dreamed of being able to control everything that happens in their home practically without leaving the sofa. And now, thanks to technology, this possibility is available to anyone.

Among the «classic» home apps, the pioneer Houseinhand knx stands outdesigned to manage, remotely and in real time, any device designed with the «knx standard», a communication protocol developed for the control and automation of houses and buildings. Among the knx devices we find lighting, blinds, air conditioning systems, audiovisual equipment (television, audio devices, DVD, etc.) or IP cameras.

Other examples of Apps for smart homes are Philips Hue (to control appliances of this brand and home lighting from the iPhone or iPad), Indigo TouchNexho (one of the first Apps for home automation) or Tahoma Home Control by Somfy (which allows the automatic programming of elements with Somfy home automation technology such as garage doors, blinds, etc.).

Regarding the most innovative Apps for domotic homes, we highlight Home Connect, one of the most advanced and intuitive. Home Connect can be used by different brands, although it is currently used by home appliance manufacturers Bosch and Siemens, from the BSH group. Integrated with the latest generation appliances, the App allows you to see the refrigerator to know what to add to your shopping basket, preheat the oven so that it is ready when you get home or even receive recipe ideas with the ingredients of your fridge. You can also choose the time to turn on your washing machine or select the washing program and the amount of detergent / fabric softener for your laundry.

Another of the most interesting applications for the home is Loxone, a Smart Home adaptable to all types of homes. Loxone makes smart building management easy, has a clear interface, and features straightforward functions. Thus, from your smartphone you can control the raising / lowering of blinds, awnings or curtains; know the temperature of each room in the house; activate or deactivate the alarm ; record from the video intercom to see who is knocking at the door; make tracking the irrigation system or pool filters ; and facilitate automatic ventilation of the home thanks to the air conditioning system and the opening of windows.

In short, Loxone is a flexible and scalable App that minimizes the human factor and is at the forefront of Apps for the home.

Home apps to manage your finances … and help you save money

Saving is one of the most common concerns in the day-to-day life of families. Therefore, having one of these applications to keep the household accounts can be of great help.

Of all the Finance Apps, the most popular is Fintonic. This App can replace your bank’s application and allows you to integrate several accounts to control expensesincome or transfers through weekly or monthly summaries. With Fintonic you can also organize your expenses by categories to know where you spend your money with a single glance.

Another alternative to control your finances in Monefy. The App is very intuitive: you just have to press the add button or the icons on the screen, choose the type of expense you have made (leisure, restaurants, gasoline, clothing…) and mark the amount you have spent. The information appears in graphs, so you can quickly identify where you spend more or less.

If what you want is to take a more exhaustive control of your finances or analyze the evolution of your savings and your economy, the App best valued by the experts is Mint. With Mint you will have access to your bank accounts and you will be able to see where you spend your money. In addition, you can make an approximate monthly budget according to your income, your expenses in recent months and your savings intentions.

Spendee works in a similar vein. This application is not linked to any bank account but it can be of great help to organize your household finances. How? You can create a shared portfolio to manage expenses with another person, for example your partner, to know in what you should invest more savings efforts.

A last App to manage housing expenses is Wibeee Home, designed to measure the electrical consumption of each appliance or technological device: the application calculates the instantaneous consumption and the approximate stand-by consumption, adjusts it to the contracted power and you helps to select the rate of your company that best suits you according to your needs and consumption habits .

Home cleaning applications

Finally, and if what you are looking for are applications to manage household tasks in a more equitable and practical way, we recommend that you take a look at these applications for cleaning your house.

One of the most useful applications for the home is Our Home, with which you can organize cleaning tasksmanage your shopping list and communicate with your family using common elements of video games. The App is free, it is available on Google Play and thanks to it all family members will know what their task is each day.

Chore Monster works in a very similar vein. In this case, the objective is to encourage the youngest members of the household to fulfill their obligations, which is why the App is more visually attractive and has a fun reward system.

Other interesting Apps for families or for people who share a flat are Chorma or Chores App. The first has the great advantage that all members of the group must synchronize their devices, so that everyone will see in real time what tasks are pending (and who must do them) and which ones have already been done. Chores App, for its part, allows you to organize pending household tasks according to their priority, avoiding creating inefficient patterns when cleaning and tidying up the house.

Are you looking for a home automation in your city? Do you want to know if it is a good investment or how much money you can save living in a smart home? Contact Tajarat properties. We are experts in the real estate sector.




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